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It is Summer at DataMart but ...

It will not always be summer; build barns. - Hesiod

DataMart Has Barns to Build

In addition to providing full attention to the marketing needs of our clients, we are undertaking a much needed redesign of the DataMart web site, the introduction of drip marketing programs in support of local retailers and service providers, and the development of the tools to support our clients in developing a marketing plan.

Web Site Redesign
Drip Marketing Programs
Marketing Plan Support

Web Site Redesign

We have discovered that our web site is old and tedious. Instead of saying “oh well” and continuing to ignore the problem, we are in the process of totally redesigning the site.

You are now looking at an initial version of the new web site. There is much more that we want to add and we will grow the site incrementally.

If the information that you are looking for is not yet available on the website, please give us a call at (714) 210-0150 or send in the following comment form.

Drip Marketing Programs

It is no secret that it is an enormous advantage to be the first business to service a new entrant into the marketplace. With all else being equal, there is a tendency to stay with a company you have done business with – be it restaurant, nail salon, or CPA. And it is more difficult to get the business from a prospect already doing business with another company.

DataMart is putting together a series of marketing programs that will bring local retail and service providers to the attention of new prospects in the local area. One series focuses on new movers in the local area and the other series focuses on new businesses in the local area. Whether your market is consumers or businesses or both, if your best prospects are those close to you geographically, these programs should be of interest to you.

If you want to stay informed of programs as they are being offered, complete the following form.

Marketing Plan Development

Often we get inquiries about our services only to find out that the prospect does not have the basic foundation needed for doing marketing. Since there are many voices out there touting marketing services and every businessperson has heard their cacophony over and over, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. The noise can lead to inaction or impetuous action.

To make sense of which marketing approaches are viable and how to incorporate the approaches into a productive, cost-effective marketing campaign are the function of marketing planning. The marketing plan is the roadmap, itinerary, and budget for the journey a business needs to make to prosper. Every business should have a marketing plan.

We have decided to start providing materials, resources, and services in support of creating a workable marketing plan for small businesses. We want our prospects and customers well placed to succeed. Visit Marketing Support for more information.

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