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Targeted Lists

Not only does DataMart provide marketing communication services using direct mail, email, fax, and telemarketing but we are list brokers and can help define and secure the marketing list that targets your best prospects.

Marketing Lists

The lifeblood of any direct marketing campaign is the list of prospects or the “data”.

The problem is that there are many sources of data and the best source is not always apparent and may well vary from campaign to campaign. Often the very best source is your “in-house” list of customers and prospects. If you need to reach a wider audience than your in-house list enables, you will have to buy or harvest a list.

We offer data from all of the major list compilers and can locate specialty lists and targeted marketing lists. Let us help you sort the wheat from the chaff. It is too expensive to make a mistake.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a program of marketing communications which attempts to solicit interaction with the prospect. Interaction can be visiting a retail outlet, placing a phone order, ordering on-line, requesting more information, or visiting a website.

Direct marketing is well suited to the objectives and budgets of smaller businesses.

The traditional range of mediums for executing a direct marketing campaign includes advertising, mail, and telephone. Technology and, most especially, the Internet have increased the possibilities to include email, voice broadcasting, text messaging, search engine optimization, on-line advertising and social networking.

DataMart will help you set up a direct marketing program that makes sense. We can provide fax broadcasting, email broadcasting, voice broadcasting, direct mail, and telemarketing services on-site. For larger direct mail or telemarketing programs and other communication services, we can out-source the project to one of several reliable vendors.

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