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What DataMart Does

Marketing Support

Too often smaller businesses and organizations are not organized to market. It is common not to have a marketing department or even an individual tasked with responsibility for marketing. This can mean that no one has made the time and expended the energy to consider how to approach the marketplace – or has even defined what the marketplace is.

There is no more essential tool for marketing than a considered marketing plan. It does not have to be pretty but it does have to define the markets and present the roadmap for promoting the products in the market. In some cases the plan can be as simple as an ongoing marketing campaign.

DataMart has the tools and experience to help. DataMart provides marketing support services that can encompass creation, execution, and maintenance of a marketing plan or a marketing campaign.

Marketing Services

DataMart has in its “marketing toolbox” a wide variety of tools to use when conducting a direct marketing campaign.

Of primary importance in any such campaign is the targeted audience. DataMart is a list broker with established relationships with many list sources and can provide targeted marketing lists that will dramatically increase the response rate of a direct response campaign.

The communication channel used by a campaign is also important. DataMart can provide direct mail, email, fax, and telemarketing tools to enhance the deliverability of the marketing message.

Marketing Programs

For some situations, a simple, direct marketing campaign might be the best approach: an email to announce a sale, a post card mailing to potential exhibitors at a trade show, a call campaign to set appointments for a sales representative. It is usual, however, for marketing plans to contain multiple approaches, communication channels, campaigns, and timeframes.

DataMart helps to design the components of a marketing program and to implement the program. This is usually done with the participation of the client. However DataMart also provides pre-designed marketing programs that can be very useful. Some of the programs include multiple tools from the marketing toolbox.

With DataMart functioning as your Virtual Marketing Department,  you can focus on running your business knowing your marketing plan will be maintained and executed expertly.

With its “marketing toolbox”, DataMart can provide marketing services for businesses and organizations both large and small.